Days after the capture of Usman Mirza in the country’s federal capital, another offender has been grabbed by Rawalpindi police after the torment was caught in the clasp which circulated around the web on social media.

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Reports in local media referred to that the man in the clasp is recognized as Hammad Shah who can be seen tormenting a wedded lady to get separation from her significant other. Sources advised media that the guilty party needs to strongly wed the casualty who can be seen bellowing for leniency. On refusal from the one who wouldn’t get separation, the offender tormented her on a private level in a luxurious society in Rawalpindi where he likewise shot the clasp.

Not long after the clasp of the appalling occurrence became a web sensation on social media, CPO Muhammad Ahsan Younis made a move, and the Airport power in Rawalpindi in a matter of seconds followed Shah and put him in a correctional facility.

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In the meantime, Islamabad police have grabbed another suspect in the Usman Mirza case after the video of him tormenting and stripping a couple turned into a web sensation online. The matter became exposed after an upsetting succession of occasions of the bald-faced assault was caught by the clasp, showing the presumes breaking into a loft and releasing the attack.


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