A leaker says they are offering data on in excess of 500 million Facebook Inc clients — including phone numbers and other information — for all intents and purposes free of charge.

The information has all the earmarks of being a similar set of Facebook-connected phone numbers that has been flowing in hacker circles since January and whose presence was first announced by tech publication Motherboard, as indicated by Alon Gal, fellow benefactor of Israeli cybercrime knowledge firm Hudson Rock.

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Reuters was not quickly ready to vet the data, which is being offered for a couple of euros of advanced credit on a notable site for low-level hackers, yet Gal said on Saturday that he had checked the legitimacy of probably a portion of the information by contrasting it against phone quantities of individuals he knew. Different columnists say they have additionally had the option to coordinate with match known phone numbers to the details in the information dump.

In an articulation, Facebook said that the information was ” very old” and identified with an issue that it had fixed in August 2019. An endeavor by Reuters to arrive at the leaker over Telegram was not promptly effective.

Gal disclosed to Reuters that Facebook clients ought to be aware of “social engineering attacks” by individuals who may have acquired their phone numbers or other private information in the coming months.

In 2018, the online media giant was beat by analysis at home and abroad over disclosures that a firm working for Donald Trump’s official mission collected and abused information on 50 million individuals.

Calls for investigations went ahead the two sides of the Atlantic after Facebook reacted to explosive reports of abuse of its information by suspending the record of Cambridge Analytica, a British firm recruited by Trump’s 2016 mission.

Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar and Republican John Kennedy called for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to show up before Congress, alongside Google and Twitter’s CEOs.


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