Pakistan’s first-historically speaking doctorate certificate in nursing has been granted by the Aga Khan University’s School of Nursing and Midwifery (SONAM), to Khairulnissa Ajani.

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As a component of her Ph.D., Ajani directed a unique examination into hypertension or blood pressure – a condition that influences one out of three grown-ups in Pakistan. Her research built up an intercession to assess how well conduct change techniques could assist patients with bettering their health.

Ajani’s examination discovered low degrees of actual work and helpless adherence to a hypertension-accommodating eating routine among individuals with hypertension. Strangely, ladies, specifically, would in general zero in addition on their family’s prosperity while disregarding their own. Her examination likewise accentuates the significance of family support in urging a patient to deal with their health.

The research likewise found that medical attendants can assume a critical part in building up a positive relationship with patients which can help advance a more profound comprehension of the requirement for self-care. It additionally featured the requirement for experts to move away from customary health education methodologies intended for people in general towards more customized healthcare systems.

SONAM is the main nursing establishment in Pakistan to dispatch single guy, expert, and PhD capabilities in nursing which have opened up exploration, scholastic and showing careers in the calling. Before the dispatch of these degree programs, medical attendants could just try to read for recognitions which restricted their careers to clinical practice in broad daylight or private area emergency clinics.

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Ajani has been related with SONAM since 1997 and furthermore holds only graduate degrees from the school. She was the primary possibility to take a crack at the school’s PhD program, which was dispatched in 2015, and right now fills in as partner dignitary of educating, learning, and undergrad programs at SONAM.


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