Truth be told, we’re very content with how the current Sportage ended up. Certainly, the taillights look a little modest, however that front end looks like a Porsche Cayenne. What’s more, it appears to be that the substitution model will proceed with the custom of European motivation.

This time, it’s molded somewhat like the Lamborghini Urus, brandishing a sharp nose and headlights framing a Y-formed image along with the fundamental grille, like the Sian’s. We haven’t highlighted that many spy shots of the SUV.

With this amazing front end, it would be a disgrace not to have an exhibition model or if nothing else a Sportage GT controlled by the 2.5-liter super motor. The segment is getting progressively serious, and we see powerful super motors not simply on premium CUVs like the BMW X3, yet additionally the Mazda CX-5 and surprisingly the more modest CX-30. Tragically, the main engines for the Sorento will offer under 200 horsepower. We’re discussing the new 2.5-liter and its 1.6-liter turbo counterpart, which could be offered as an “Eco” alternative. Indeed, even the European models are probably going to drop the diesel and embrace cross breed powertrains all things considered, as found in rivals from Honda or Toyota.


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