The Defense Housing Authority’s (DHA) counsel on Thursday asked the Lahore High Court (LHC) Chief Justice Mohammad Qasim Khan to erase comments made by the main equity daily prior to which he named the military as the “biggest land grabber”.

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On Wednesday, the chief equity, while hearing petitions of three residents looking for a request against the DHA to not upset their legitimate ownership of the land they had gotten on rent from the Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB), had lashed out at the DHA for its association in “unlawful” control of terrains and lamented that the military appeared to have gotten the “biggest land grabber”.

He had lamented that the military had likewise snatched a real estate parcel estimating 50-Kanal possessed by the high court and added that he would teach the LHC enlistment center to compose a letter to the military boss in such manner.

Managing the consultation today, CJ Khan said nobody ought to involve another’s territory. The DHA’s advice, Altafur Rehman Khan, said that the comments expressed by the chief equity against the military in Wednesday’s hearing had caused worry in the foundation.

Reacting to this, CJ Khan said his comments were not intended to dress anybody down yet were about the lead of “some people of yours”. “Probably more than half of my family is in the army,” he added.

“Respect for institutions is paramount, the court’s remarks were not meant to hurt anyone,” Justice Khan said. “make your people understand. For God’s sake make them understand”. “People respect the army soldiers sitting at the borders of Kashmir, Siachen Glacier, and Bahawalnagar,” said the chief justice. “You first have to realize this responsibility”.

Alluding to himself, Justice Khan said as the main equity, there was a “substantial obligation” on him, and assuming he involved that office, he should go about as an adjudicator. He said if four legal counselors went out in the city and got into a contention with a cart driver or peddler then legal advisors would endure notoriety and a terrible picture.

If an appointed authority of the great court keeps on being a piece of a foundation or a council after retirement then they ought to keep up their personality, he added. He likewise addressed if anybody from the DHA was available in court. The adjudicator had guided the DHA manager to show up before the LHC today alongside the total record.

CJ Khan said that the DHA had given a letter subsequent to possessing the land and posed when the land in the inquiry had been dominated. The lawful head of the DHA likewise advised the court on the matter.

The insight for the solicitors, Advocate Asif Imran Awan, said that as per a choice of the Supreme Court in 2007, DHA’s entitlement to the land had been suspended. The court requested that no legitimate change be made in the situation with the candidates’ property and furthermore requested the lawful overseer of the DHA to show up on May 3 subsequent to accepting guidelines from the DHA organization.

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Solicitors Zeeshan Mehboob, Raheel Tufail, and Zulfiqar Hussain had gotten various pieces of land dispensed on a three-year rent from the ETPB for development purposes in Mota Singhwala, Lidhar, and Dera Chahal Mauzas close to Bedian Road, Lahore. Advice for the ETPB had told the court that the candidates were the legal proprietors of the land being referred to.


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