An incredibly yummy samosas recipe. It is one

of the famous dish that is the part of Each iftar during Ramzan. Crispy from

outside and soft from inside.. Chicken samosa is far much preferable in taste over the


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ally acquired samosas.


 1)    Oil ………1tbsp

2)  1 Medium Onion Chopped

3)   Ginger-Garlic Paste….1tbsp

4)   Half Chopped Tomato

5)   Minced Chicken 500 grams

6)   Chilli Flakes1 Tbsp

7)   Black Pepper Powder 1tbsp

8)   Turmeric Powder½ Tbsp

9)   Chicken Powder1 Tbsp

10) Salt

11) Garam Masala½ Tbsp

12) Samosa PattiAs

13) All-Purpose Flour 1tbsp

14) Water

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 15) Oil

Step by step

1)  Put oil in a pan then add onion in it until It changes into brown color and after that mix tomato as well as ginger and garlic.

2) Add fresh chicken untill its colour will change.

3) Put some chicken powder, salt as well as black paper, turmeric powder, and chili flakes, and mix it.

4) Then put garam masla in it.

5) Take some cooked chicken and somas as Patti and fill this material with water and a mixture of flour.

6) Fry samosas  patti untill it turns into brown color.

Hopefully  you enjoy our recipe..


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