Career in Zoology


Zoology is the branch of biology that deals with the scientific study of animals. This study entails learning about the animals both in their natural habitat and in the laboratory. It includes the evolution, behavior, origin, development, conservation, classification, and distribution of animals.

The people who study zoology are called zoologist. They carry out research to observe and learn the habit, behavior, structure, natural habitat, migration and diseases of animals.

Nature of work

  •  Zoologists study the structure, physiology, and genetics of animals.
  • They conduct experimental research of live animals in controlled or natural environments.
  • Zoologists who work in zoo parks focus on maintaining the natural habitats and required facilities for the animals by coordinating with zoo directors and curators.
  • They also work on maintaining the population of a variety of animal species in the zoo by breeding, purchasing, and some other ways.
  • They can also opt to teach at colleges and universities.


  • B.Sc.                 2 years
  • M.Sc.                2 years
  • BS                      4 years
  • MS/MPhil         2 years
  • Ph.D.                 3-5 years

Required qualities

  • Interest in animals
  • Research mind
  • Critical thinking and observation
  • Independent investigation

Job opportunities

The career in zoology has following job opportunities.

  • Dairy industry
  • Poultry farms
  • Fish farms
  • National parks
  • Wildlife journals
  • Consultant
  • Research assistant
  • Conservation management
  • Colleges and universities
  • Laboratory assistants
  • Research labs
  • Sanctuaries
  • Veterinary institutes

Universities offering zoology in Pakistan

  • The Islamia university of Bahawalpur
  • Quaid-e-azam university
  • University of agriculture
  • Lahore college women university
  • Gomal university
  • Bahauddin zakariya university
  • The women university Multan
  • University of Central Punjab
  • University of Karachi University of education