The word “NATURE “makes us as happy as a cup of ice cream in pouring. It put away our self from the hectic routine due to this, and our life looks like captivity. That’s why we all need a small piece of relaxation. For peace of mind as well. We blessed with a homeland full of natural beauty. Every step made us bestowed towards Allah Almighty for this astonishing creation. We have a fabulous place to visit a sigh of relief. The Northern Areas in Pakistan are not less than any blessing of Allah.

The enchanting weight of the Northern territory attracts tourists from all over the world to Pakistan. So, here are the best places in Northern Areas to visit.

1. Hunzah Valley :

Best Places To Visit In Pakistan Northern AreasHunzah Valley
Northern Areas: Hunzah Valley

KALASH valley in northern Pakistan KALASH VALLEY situated in Chitral. This is covered with the HINDU KUSH mountains. The people of the Kalash valley are close to nature; they are very polite in their manner and mostly follow ancient Hinduism. KALASH valley is not less than a heaven dream. Its beauty is an attractive place for tourists. KALASH people have a contradiction among their customs and culture. Some of them belong to the ethnic religion. The beauty of nature lay here in abundance.

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Northern Areas: SAKARDU

SAKARDU has a distance away from Islamabad to about 294km. This is a part of GILGIT-BALTISTAN. Skardu is located around the INDUS and the CIGAR RIVER. Skardu includes some of the larger glaciers in the world. This is also surrounded by the world’s tallest mountain, k2 that is on the second number. In summer, its climate is moderate, while its temperature is roundabout to 27 degrees Celcius. In winter, it’s about 8 degrees Celcius. The tourist attraction is like Skardu fort, Skardu grand mosque lakes like kachori lake, and Shangrila. This best for hiking, fishing with row boating.As we are living in a hospitality culture. In winter, they used effective soup, butter tea, and famous skinless dishes for tourists and the guest at home.


Northern Areas:MURREE HILLS

As we know, the north of Pakistan blessed us with world heaven. Murree is one of them. Its located in Rawalpindi. We can say that it’s a mountain resort as well. This place is full of nature and beauty. The place to visit is the British era convent of Jesus and marry, the Sindh house, ayubia, nathia Gali, etc. This area’s climate is too cold, and snowy winters there. In summer, it’s a training area. This is best for a visit at the peak of summer. Some of the areas covered by the military. There are restaurants and a rest house for tourists. Northern area’s food includes chapli kebab.


Northern Areas: NALTAR VALLEY

Near about the Hunzah and Gilgit, the Naltar valley is situated. We can, at thereby using jeeps due to the road there; it’s the only way to go. It is about 54km from Gilgit. Due to the forest there it looks like scenery and dramatic scenery as well.

Bashkiria Lakes is famous because of its natural beauty and the grass 

inside of the lake, we can say that water above the grass. It makes it more beautiful and attracts tourists. The different colors make it amazing blue and azure color. It is easy to get there in summer, but it isn’t easy in winter due to heavy rainfall, and this is all covered by forest. There is a three stars hotel, so no problem for living. This is famous for ski competitions.

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Northern Areas: NEELUM VALLEY

In the district Azad Kashmir, the NEELUM VALLEY situated. Before the partition, a Kishan 

Ganga that renamed into Neelam 

valley. This valley is about 200km extended along the Neelam river. As it is near to Azad Kashmir, so its beauty that attracts the tourist is mountains, waterfalls, etc. Most of the language spoken is Kashmiri and Hindko that is also called parmi. Dry fruits are most widely used all over Pakistan. The people are there very hospitable. People are very beautiful. Having redish white skin.


Northern Areas: GOJAL VALLEY

GLOBAL is called the upper part of the HUZZAH. It makes to connect different borders like china each other. Its small valley shares a border with China, central Hunza, and Afghanistan. As we know, the northern part consists of mountains; similarly, this region formed a mountain. When you visit the global, never miss the goal lake visit, attached lake, and shishkat. The people are very hospitable.


Northern Areas: NATHIAGALI

A mountain resort town or a hill station in the Abbottabad district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. One of the fascinating features of this valley is that it is located at the center of GALYAT RANGE, where several hill stations are situated. This valley is renowned for its scenic beauty, hiking tracks, and pleasant weather, much cooler due to being at high altitudes. It is about 32 kilometers and at one hour’s drive away from both Murree and ABBOTTABAD. Its weather remains cool, pleasant, and foggy in summers. One of the exciting aspects is that during MONSOON, rain is expected almost every day. The weather is chill in AUTUMN due to the cold winds. Winters are extremely COLD, and Chilly and heavy SNOWFALL occur in DECEMBER and January. Annual rainfall lies between 1650mm to 1850 mm. Common hill RHESUS MONKEY is often seen. They are aggressive in behavior due to being teased and caught by tourists. Visitors are allowed to sun their bedding before arrival, get rid of bed bugs, and keep pesticides and repellents to avoid insects increasing in number in old homes, especially in MONSOON. Nathia Gali is home to various species of birds, butterflies, insects, and other animals. The WORLD WILDLIFE FUND OFFICE is also in the galley.

               9.DEOSAI NATIONAL PARK


   A high altitude alpine plain(plateau) and national park in the NORTHERN Pakistan region of GILGIT BALTISTAN. Dosai plains are located in SAKARDU with an elevation of 4114 meters. These include the world’s second-highest alpine plains. Deosai is named GHBIARSA by the Balti people, which means summer place because it is only accessible in summers. The literal meaning of Desai is the Land of Giants. The National park is well known for its rich flora and fauna. Deosai has located about 30km from SAKARDU city. The Deosai national park was established in 1993 to protect the HIMALAYAN BROWN BEAR’s survival and habitat. The Deosai plains are home to Himalayan ibex, red fox, golden marmot, gray wolf, Ladakh urial, snow leopard, and 124 migratory birds.

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Nanga Parbat, also called the diameter, is the highest mountain globally at 8126 meters above sea level. It is situated in the diameter district of the GILGIT BALTISTAN region, Pakistan. Nanga Parbat is derived from Sanskrit words, which means naked mountains. But it is known locally by diameter or dimmer, which means HUGE MOUNTAIN. Europeans discovered it. This mountain is difficult to climb. Willy Merkl led the first German expedition to Nanga Parbat in 1932.


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