The new authority of Bagram airbase, when the focal point of US’ presence in Afghanistan, said he was not educated by the US troops that they were leaving and discovered after they had left.

Only 50 kilometers (30 miles) from Kabul, the base is vital to the security of the capital while additionally giving strategic cover to a large part of the country’s rough north where the Taliban have centered their new offensives.

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Kohistani demands his soldiers can hold the base from the Taliban, and that he has “sufficient” troopers. However, with around 3,000 soldiers under his order, the figure is a little level of the quantity of American and unified powers during its US-drove prime.

For American soldiers, the spirit was kept up in the then-humming small city with pools, films, spas, and cheap food outlets of Burger King and Pizza Hut. For Kohistani’s men, the diversion scenes are shut, the distribution centers are bolted and the covered feasting offices offer just the odor of spoiled food from boxes of lapsed dinner packs.

In a more substantial indication of the Afghan military’s capacity to battle without American sponsorship, 1,000 soldiers fighting the Taliban in the nation’s north escaped into adjoining Tajikistan on Monday.

At Bagram, Kohistani said he was at that point getting reports that the Taliban were making “developments in provincial areas” encompassing the area. One warrior, a private named Rafiullah, offered an unmistakable image of what he expected would come.

On the off chance that or when the Taliban do mount a hostile to take Bagram, one of their first concerns will without a doubt be a tremendous jail that holds up to 5,000 Taliban detainees.

Another officer additionally insubordinately said he was prepared to battle the Taliban, yet in any case, flagged a sensation of anxiety with an absence of firepower and authority. In the event that the Taliban do wrest control of Bagram, it’s anything but an example of current history mirroring the country’s power battles.

The runway was first worked by the Americans for its Afghan partner during the Cold War during the 1950s. The Soviet Union unfathomably extended it after the Red Army attacked Afghanistan in 1979.

After their withdrawal, the base was constrained by the Moscow-upheld government, and later by the precarious mujahideen organization during the 1990s civil conflict. It was accounted for that at one point the Taliban controlled one finish of the three-kilometer (two-mile) runway, and the resistance Northern Alliance the other.

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Bagram eventually fell into the Taliban’s hands after they overran enormous wraps of the country during the 1990s. Following the September 11 assaults and the US intrusion of Afghanistan, the Americans assumed responsibility for the base and utilized it as the take-off platform for airstrikes against the Taliban and to ensure Afghan powers.


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