WhatsApp was brought into the world in 2009 and now it’s the most drawn in texting app on the planet. Throughout the long term, the Facebook-owned platform has advanced to coordinate more devices to associate its many users all throughout the planet. Nonetheless, not every one of them are notable. There are 12 secret WhatsApp features that you can utilize at the present time.

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12 secret elements of WhatsApp

1. Change the text format in WhatsApp

You can add an alternate expectation to your messages through italic, bold or strikethrough. You simply need to a few characters when the content: * bold * , _cursive_ and ~ crossed out ~ .

2. Temporary messages

These “self-destructing” messages serve to ensure significant data as they vanish inevitably. To utilize this feature, one of the most up to date in the application, you should:

  • Select the name of the contact in the chat
  • Select the Messages
  • Turn on the Temporary Messages switch.

3. Highlight messages

Would you like to leave a message at hand and not lose all the chats at all? With the feature “highlight messages,” you can check them with a star by going ahead them and leave them as favorites to find them.

4. How to know at what time a message was read?

Do you have to know what time your message was read? You should simply press on it and slide your finger to one side. You can likewise tap on the Info from the three-dab menu. In the two cases, you will see what time a message was sent, gotten and read.

5. Try not to save photographs and videos

If you are burnt out on your mobile phone memory being immersed with the photographs and videos they send you, you can keep them from being downloaded automatically from WhatsApp. You simply need to go to the Settings menu of the application and select Chats. There, you simply need to deactivate the option Visibility of media files.

6. Turn off your last seen

In the event that you don’t need individuals to know what time you last on WhatsApp, the app offers you the select to deactivate this data. For that you should open the Settings menu, select Account and afterward Privacy to deactivate the Last Seen. You can likewise browse every one of your contacts or select only a couple. Note that, it is in every case good to have at least one contact who knows when your last online was for security reasons.

7. Mark a chat as “unread”

If you would prefer not to forget to answer somebody, you simply need to tap on the chat for a couple of moments and select the “Mark as unread.”

8. Know who your favorite contact is

With this feature, you will actually want to know with which contact you collaborate the most. It likewise permits you to deal with your internal storage. You simply need to enter Settings, at that point Storage information lastly, Storage use.

9. Listen to audios prior to sending them

If you are not happy with your voice, you can survey the audios, prior to sending them. This stunt is accomplished when you begin recording the sound and when you need to stop it, quickly leave the application while pressing the record button. At the point when you re-enter the chat, you will see that the sound is kept up and that you can hear it out, send it or delete it.

10. Personalized Notifications

This is an incredible option to know precisely who is sending you WhatsApp messages because of the customized tones. What you need to do is go to the chat being referred to, click on its name and search for the option “Personalized tone” and select the one you like the most.

11. Custom backgrounds

Likewise, the funds to change one to each chat. It very well may be with a unique picture or with the ones that WhatsApp has included for the dark or light mode.

To do this, you simply go to the Settings menu, then to Chats and select the Wallpaper alternative. Here you will find all pictures.

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12. Become a WhatsApp beta tester

You might be keen on being a beta tester to be one of the first to test the new features updated by the application. You simply need to tap on this connection and adhere to every one of the directions.


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